Thomas Bohner

Thomas Bohner

Blockchain Product Manager - IntellectEU

Thomas Bohner is currently a product and business development manager at IntellectEU, a financial technology integration and development company.

Prior to IntellectEU, he worked on KYC and Identity Verification at P20, he helped a start-up expand sales to private equity, did an internship in Sales & Trading, and helped to build a next-generation financial technology investment firm in New York.

He holds a Master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of Antwerp (Cum Laude) & his thesis (Magna Cum Laude) was published by Febelfin (the Belgian Financial Sector Federation). Outside of his studies he was an event manager at the “Students of Innovation and Cooperation” Association, he founded an event company and was the group leader of Antwerp’s largest Scouting group.

He is passionate about Financial Technology, Distributed Ledgers, and Digital Identities.

Workshop: How will blockchain & cryptocurrencies transform the financial services industry?

Room A

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm across the financial industry. DLT is believed to have the potential to substantially change the way financial markets are operating today, promising important cost savings and efficiency gains. Regulators and law makers around the world, concerned with the regulatory implications of the technology, […]