Scott McInnes

Scott McInnes

Bird & Bird LLP - Partner

In addition to competition law work (e.g. Article 101 and 102 TFEU advice, investigations, etc) and assistance in private actions for damages, Scott McInnes is specialised in the regulation of payments – e.g. PSD2 (in particular strong customer authentication and TPP access to the account), Interchange Fee Regulation, EBA guidelines for the security of internet payments, Cross-Border Regulation, Instant Payments, etc.
He takes pride in being able to explain complex legal concepts in clear & understandable language; as well as having a business-minded approach to the matters that he works on.

Open banking, data ecosystems: a promising landscape under PSD2


We are getting ready for a new revolution in the payments landscape. Easier access to data has become the new trend for all industries and even the public sector. Practical effects of PSD2 are almost a reality and the Open Banking in Europe is getting in shape. What would it mean in practice ? What […]