Rik De Deyn

Rik De Deyn

Sr Director Payments and Fintech Innovation and Solutions - Oracle

Rik De Deyn is Senior Director Banking in the Global Industry Solutions Group at Oracle.

Rik defines payments and innovation solutions for wholesale and retail financial services industry. He currently helps key financial organizations, banks, market infrastructures and treasuries deploy innovative payments projects faster, with less risk.  He has worked with global financial institutions for over 15 years. Managing global banking relationships gives Rik De Deyn an interesting perspective on trends and solutions. Rik is also involved in global business development relationships with the major payment application vendors such as SWIFT, Vocalink, FUNDtech, Clear2Pay, Dovetail, CMA, Montran, Sterci/Bottomline, First Capital Cashflow and many others .

Over the last few years, Rik has specialized in innovations in payments, cash management and global transaction business with Tier 1 and Tier 2 banks and market infrastructures. In the course of 3 years, Rik has helped doubling the revenue of Oracle under his responsibility in these areas.

Through experience, Rik has excellent intercultural skills and fluently speaks English, Dutch and French, and understands German.  Rik understands the payments, financial messaging and banking business very well and is able to combine this with his knowledge of technology. Rik is a team player as well as a man of action.

Prior to Oracle, Rik De Deyn was Global Head of Payments Solutions at Sun Microsystems and Director of Financial Services Solutions at SeeBeyond, a software company specializing in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software. He held positions as Product Marketing Manager and Presales Consultant at SeeBeyond and Software AG.  Rik holds a Master Degree in Computer Science

Specialties: Banking, Financial Messaging, Payment Systems, SWIFT, Enterprise Application Integration, Systems, Service Orientation (SOA), Product Marketing, Solution Management

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