Michael Concannon

Michael Concannon

Head of Strategy and Development - FPAI

Michael is responsible for driving the strategy and development of the Fintech and Payments Association of Ireland (FPAI), which is affiliated to Banking and Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI). Through his role, Michael seeks to further the interests of stakeholders in the Irish Fintech ecosystem through events, information sharing and networking. The FPAI’s membership reflects the diverse nature of the Irish Fintech ecosystem, comprising start-ups, scaling and mature companies, Legal and Advisory firms and domestic and international banks.

Prior to joining the FPAI, Michael worked in various roles within Treasury and Digital Banking, and was Head of Cash Management in AIB for over 10 years. Michael has a Bachelor of Financial Services Degree from UCD, which is EQUIS and AACSB accredited.

Strengthening EU Fintech Ecosystem: harmonising hubs of innovation

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Since the EU wants to foster the growth of innovative solutions and European digital players the internal single market, there is a clear need for an EU wide framework for experimentation. How can we shape an EU framework of experimentation? What is the role of EU authorities to make this happen? At the same time, […]

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