Marc Lainez

Marc Lainez

VP Connectivity - Isabel Group

After working several years as an independent software engineer and Lean startup coach, Marc co-founded Ibanity with Loic Vigneron, Thibault Poncelet and Olivier Delens.

Their mission was to help software developers integrate their software with banks data sources in less time that it takes to make yourself a nice cup of coffee.

The company was acquired by Isabel Group less than a year after its creation and the team is now in charge of an independent business unit with the group, focusing on bringing bank connectivity to the fintech ecosystem.

Open banking, data ecosystems: a promising landscape under PSD2


We are getting ready for a new revolution in the payments landscape. Easier access to data has become the new trend for all industries and even the public sector. Practical effects of PSD2 are almost a reality and the Open Banking in Europe is getting in shape. What would it mean in practice ? What […]