Laurent Nizri

Laurent Nizri

CEO, Paris Fintech Forum

He is a recognized digital/mobile payments-banking-commerce & Fintech expert, with a focus on strategy, business development, & innovation.
Founder and CEO of Altéir Consulting, created just after he helped launch Zebank, first big internet bank in Europe in 1999. For the last 15 years with Alteir Consulting he worked on projects and advised organizations of all sizes across payment & digital finance industry.

With almost 20 years experience, he had the opportunity to work across the complete value chain helping telcos, banks, insurers, new incumbents and start ups to define new strategies & products, to launch new businesses and to manage major international projects in the telco, payment & digital finance sector.
Alteir’s footprint is mainly on continental Europe, with a clear focus on France, Germany and Spain. Among our customers we find Orange, Vivendi, SFR, most of French Banks, Generali, Allianz, GMF, Visa, PCS Mastercard, …

He also organizes and chair many conferences in Europe since 2009 on payments & digital finance.
Since 2011 he is the President of the Payment club of the French Digital economy association (ACSEL) where they gather almost 100 companies on all sizes and all sectors in payment industry to animate French think tank on the digital finance and payment sector.
Since 2014 he is also the Vice President of ACSEL

Last but not least he created the Paris Fintech Forum which is now one of the main global international event on digital finance and fintech (

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