Helen Köpman

Helen Köpman

Deputy Head of Unit, Innovation - European Commission

Holding the position of Deputy Head of Unit, Innovation, at the European Commission, Directorate-General Communications, Networks, Content and Technology, in Brussels, Belgium. Prior to this I was managing Community supported research and technological development in the area of Information and Communications Technologies applied to transportation and mobility.
With thorough industrial experience, working in the management of ICT service development in various international companies with IT and communication services focus that include Infonet, AT&T Unisource and Cap Gemini my current focus is to support ICT based tech companies to reach their full market potential with product and services that benefits the citizens.

Workshop: How will blockchain & cryptocurrencies transform the financial services industry?

Room A

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm across the financial industry. DLT is believed to have the potential to substantially change the way financial markets are operating today, promising important cost savings and efficiency gains. Regulators and law makers around the world, concerned with the regulatory implications of the technology, […]