Gottfried Leibbrandt

Gottfried Leibbrandt


Gottfried Leibbrandt was appointed Chief Executive Officer of SWIFT in July 2012. He joined SWIFT in 2005 to focus on the development of the SWIFT2010 strategy. Upon completion of the strategy, he was appointed Head of Standards, and then in 2007 he was promoted to Head of Marketing. Leibbrandt was a key architect behind the SWIFT2015 strategy. Prior to joining SWIFT, Leibbrandt worked at McKinsey & Company for 18 years as a partner in the Amsterdam office and a co-leader of the European payments practice.

Keynote on Cybersecurity

Managing cyber-risks in the Financial services sector


Cybercriminals are the bank robbers of the digital age and financial institutions always will be the target. DDos, ransomware, malware, phishing are just some tools at the disposal of criminals. Cyber-risk is a global problem and strenghtening cybersecurity is on top of the agenda of banks, regulators, policy-makers and law enforcement. What are the challenges […]