Elena Chatzimichali

Elena Chatzimichali

Data Scientist - HSBC

Dr. Elena Chatzimichali is a Data Scientist at HSBC Corporate and Institutional Digital. While at HSBC, Elena has been working on a plethora of Machine Learning applications for HSBC Global Banking and Markets featuring chatbots, recommender systems and analysis of financial time series, among others. Prior to joining HSBC, Elena was an academic conducting research for universities in Cambridge and London. Elena has a strong background in Computer Science including holding a PhD in Artificial Intelligence and an MSc in Bioinformatics. Over the past ten years she has been also actively involved in creating and delivering a wide range of lectures to academic and professional audiences, and has been a speaker at numerous Machine Learning conferences and events. Her research work focuses on the development, implementation and optimisation of complex statistical models and novel computational tools for the financial services and healthcare sectors.

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