Giorgio Cusmà

Giorgio Cusmà

Head of Cybersecurity - Intesa San Paolo

Giorgio Cusmà Lorenzo was appointed Head of IT Security and Business Continuity Governance at Intesa Sanpaolo in 2016. In this crucial role, he is responsible for guidance and control activities at Group level, ensuring the compliance and the effectiveness of security and business continuity measures. He started in 1985 at the IT Department of Montedison, a global company active in the chemical and energy sector, (now part of Edison) where he was in charge of the development of IT Applications. After a few years, he switched to the Financial Industry and started working at the Istituto Bancario Italiano (IBI) where he was involved in the development of banking IT applications, significantly expanding, his security and business continuity and ICT skills. Following the consolidation of the Italian Banking sector, he became involved in several IT integration projects for the merger and acquisition process that led to the creation of the current Intesa Sanpaolo Group. He is deeply involved in coordination activities within the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, and at institutional level, as a member of the Italian CODISE Committee (Bank of Italy) and the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) Board, the Public-Private Partnership on Cybersecurity launched in 2016 by the European Commission.

Managing cyber-risks in the Financial services sector


Cybercriminals are the bank robbers of the digital age and financial institutions always will be the target. DDos, ransomware, malware, phishing are just some tools at the disposal of criminals. Cyber-risk is a global problem and strenghtening cybersecurity is on top of the agenda of banks, regulators, policy-makers and law enforcement. What are the challenges […]