Campbell	Murray

Campbell Murray

Global Head - BlackBerry Cybersecurity Delivery

He is an information security professional with 20 years experience, providing penetration testing and red team services to all areas of Government, Commercial and Military bodies since the industry was in it’s infant stages.

He is also a founding Director of the TigerScheme and created the TigerScheme QSTM/CHECK Team Member qualification as well as having continued input to the CHECK Team Leader standards. A founding Director of both the TigerScheme and the CyberScheme which provide a variety of Information Security training and accreditation paths.

His work is mostly deeply technical, but also involves mentoring and developing the team as well as new talent to the industry.

Managing cyber-risks in the Financial services sector


Cybercriminals are the bank robbers of the digital age and financial institutions always will be the target. DDos, ransomware, malware, phishing are just some tools at the disposal of criminals. Cyber-risk is a global problem and strenghtening cybersecurity is on top of the agenda of banks, regulators, policy-makers and law enforcement. What are the challenges […]