Workshop: How will blockchain & cryptocurrencies transform the financial services industry?

Room A

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) has generated a lot of interest and enthusiasm across the financial industry. DLT is believed to have the potential to substantially change the way financial markets are operating today, promising important cost savings and efficiency gains. Regulators and law makers around the world, concerned with the regulatory implications of the technology, are also increasingly looking at the technology and joining the debate.

Looking beyond the hype: what needs to be done to make blockchain a workable reality? How exactly can blockchain help reduce time, cost and counterparty risk? Scaling up blockchain: what are the challenges? Why do we have so many use cases and very limited business cases? As an industry, do we want to move forward with DLT and if so, how do we take this from use case to business case? How do cryptocurrencies fit in the equation?